The Throat Chakra for Beginners

Previously, I did an introduction to the 7 chakra system. We saw that having its roots in Sanskrit, an ancient language in Hinduism, Chakras are centers of energy that we find throughout our bodies. 

Translated, the word Chakra literally means «wheel» because it acts as a vortex, a disk of spinning energy where matter and consciousness meet. At the core of each of us, spin 7 main chakras aligned along the spine starting from the base up to the crown of the head. The Chakras are important for anybody on the Spirit driven path and so we will go deeper into our understanding of each one of these ever-spinning wheels of life energy. 

Our journey through the 7 chakras continues as we arrive to our chakra #5 : the throat chakra.

Visuddha, the fifth Chakra


The Sanskrit name for the fifth chakra is Visuddha, which means ‘purification’ or ‘pure’. This energy center is all about self-expression, vibration, creativity and communication. As we enter the throat chakra, we find the energy center that controls, creates, transmits and receives communication, both within ourselves as well as between other beings. This can take many forms such as speaking, writing, chanting, telepathy and pretty much any other activity that is related to sound and language. Communication is when we transmit or receive information through symbols. These symbols can be written words, musical notes or even electrical impulses to the brain. Either way, Visuddha is the center that takes these symbols and translates them into information.

The Throat Chakra : Location in the body

The throat chakra is located right over your left knee. Ha ! No, just kidding, it’s in the throat. What can I say, sometimes life is full of surprises and sometimes, well… not that much. All joking aside, the fifth chakra is located in the region of the throat, neck and shoulder and is related to the thyroid gland which regulates body temperature and metabolism.

The Throat Chakra Element : Ether

In nature, we can find five primary and subtle energetic elements. Earth, water, fire, air and Ether. The lower chakras each have their own element Root chakra : Earth Element, Sacral chakra : Water Element, Solar Plexus Chakra : Fire Element, Heart Chakra : Air Element

But the three upper chakras, all share different aspects of the same element. Indeed, as we reach the throat chakra, we approach the last element associated with chakras : Ether (note that you can find books where they will call it Akasha or even Spirit but it all pretty much comes down to the same thing).

Ether can be seen as space and represents both the space within as without. It is the carrier of sound and so the throat chakra acts like a container which holds the space for all the other elements to express themselves. That is why emotions and stresses get stuck there. Ever had a lump in the throat ? Well, now you know that it’s no coincidence. Stuck emotions and stresses need to be expressed and freed to create the space needed for energies to flow again.

The Throat Chakra Colour : Blue

Visuddha is represented by a beautiful light blue, almost like the colour of the sky on a bright sunny day. It is important to not confuse it with the indigo blue associated with the sixth chakra which we will see later on. Placed between the head and the heart, the fifth chakra links thoughts with feelings. In Buddhist philosophy, this shade of blue represents the colour of the mind, a mind that is still and pure such as the bright blue sky free of clouds. Uncluttered by thoughts. Hence, this radiant shade of blue connects you with the divine and helps you listen and express your own voice.

Our journey through the Chakras continues !

Our journey through our chakra system started at the base of the spine, home of the root chakra and brought us stability, focus and form where we experienced unity. We then moved up to the sacral chakra where we gained an experience of movement, emotion, desire and polarity. As we continued, we expanded beyond survival instincts and desire for pleasure and merging with another.

We then reached the solar plexus chakra, we grown in strength and found our power rising. Home to the element of fire, this chakra ignites the light of consciousness and pushes us away from inertia. Now, we leave the lower chakras as we arrive to the fifth chakra. In this energy center located in the throat area, we learn to voice our thoughts and communicate. We learn to express ourselves, connect with others but also to expand our awareness allowing at the same time our world to become larger.

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