The Third Eye Chakra for Beginners

Previously, I did an introduction to the 7 chakra system. We saw that having its roots in Sanskrit, an ancient language in Hinduism, Chakras are centers of energy that we find throughout our bodies.

Translated, the word Chakra literally means «wheel» because it acts as a vortex, a disk of spinning energy where matter and consciousness meet. At the core of each of us, spin 7 main chakras aligned along the spine starting from the base up to the crown of the head. The Chakras are important for anybody on the Spirit driven path and so we will go deeper into our understanding of each one of these ever-spinning wheels of life energy.

Our journey through the 7 chakras continues as we arrive to our chakra #6 : the Third Eye chakra.

Ajna, the sixth chakra


The Sanskrit name for the sixth chakra is Ajna, which means ‘to perceive’ or ‘to command’. This dual aspect of this chakra allows us on one hand to take in images through perception and on the other hand to create inner images that fashion our reality. This means that the third eye chakra has both the capability to see and to create –or visualize. Although we cannot change the images that we perceive with our eyes, holding an image in our mind’s eye and letting the light of consciousness shine on it, increases the possibility that it will materialize.

It is also interesting to know that the Ajna is related to the pineal gland, a tiny cone-shaped gland located in the geometric center of our head, right at eye level. » » You can read more about the pineal gland right here.

The Third Eye Chakra : Location in the body

The third eye chakra is often called the brow chakra due to its location, in the center of the head either at eye level or a tiny bit over. When I first started meditation, I often felt a light tingly sensation on my forehead just in between my eyes and it used to bother me so much. That was until one day, my meditation teacher told me that it was probably my third eye manifesting itself to me. So, if you too feel that tingling on your forehead, just know that maybe you are starting to awaken your third eye.  No stress, just observe as it happens. Although the third eye chakra and the third eye are different things, they are strongly associated to one and other. In fact, the third eye can be seen as the psychic organ of the Ajna the same way our eyes are the seeing organ of our brain.

The Third Eye Chakra Element : Light

We have seen that while our four lower chakras each have their own element Root Chakra : Earth Element, Sacral Chakra : Water Element, Solar Plexus Chakra : Fire Element, Heart Chakra : Air Element. The three upper chakras, all share different aspects of the same element : Ether. Ether can be seen as space and represents both the space within as without.

At the fifth chakra level of awareness, we experienced Ether as a subtle vibration, a sound. But now as we reach the sixth chakra, we come across a higher and way faster vibration than that of sound. In the Ajna we embrace the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as visible light. Light being the element associated with the Ajna as it is the form directly perceivable by our consciousness.

From all the elements that we have seen so far (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound) light is by far the fastest of them all. As we continue our journey up the spine, we reach further out of our physical limitations of form, time and space, and the speed of light distorts and transcends our very sense of time. While at the fifth chakra we saw that sound transcends distance, now we understand that the sixth chakra transcends time.

The Third Eye Chakra Colour: Indigo

The Ajna is represented by the colour Indigo, a deep and dark shade of blue. (It is important to not confuse the colour indigo with the lighter blue shade associated with the Throat Chakra.) Indigo is a colour energy of deep change, wisdom and inner knowing. Its vibration allows you to harness and transform the energies of the lower chakras into higher spiritual vibrations. Think of it this way : it is during the night that our senses become finer and a different part of us awakens. As you dive deep into the third eye chakra, you will start to see where you have been, where you are stuck and where you are going. You begin to experience wholeness, a sense of peaceful tranquility and wisdom.

Our journey through the Chakras continues !

Our journey through our 7 Chakra System started at the base of the spine, home of the root chakra and brought us stability, focus and form where we experienced unity. We then moved up to the sacral chakra where we gained an experience of movement, emotion, desire and polarity. As we continued, we expanded beyond survival instincts and desire for pleasure and merging with another.

We then reached the solar plexus chakra, where we’ve grown in strength and found our power rising. Home to the element of fire, this chakra ignites the light of consciousness and pushes us away from inertia. Continuing our journey upwards, we then arrive to the heart chakra, ruled by the air element, center of our chakra system and body. Within this center, we gain an understanding of love as a balanced, gentle and unifying force between mind and body, inner and outer realms, self and other, giving and receiving.

Next, we arrive to the throat chakra. In this energy center located in the throat area, we learn to voice our thoughts and communicate. We learn to express ourselves, connect with others but also to expand our awareness allowing at the same time our world to become larger. At last, our journey brings us to the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra. Here we gain a sense of peacefulness and inner knowing – wisdom.

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